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Issue 87 - May - June 2022

(May 01 2022)

Carbon removals needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C
The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) report describes how carbon dioxide removals (CDR)
alongside rapid and deep global decarbonisation can give the world a 50/50 chance of limiting
global warming to 1.5°C.
Leaders - CCUS in EMEA
EU awards over €1 billion to projects for the climate transition
The Commission signed agreements of €1.1 billion with seven large-scale projects via
the EU Innovation Fund, funded by revenues from the Emissions Trading System
Mix of all low carbon tech could save EU €80bn
Modelling commissioned by Carbon-Free Europe shows the EU’s most feasible, costeffective
pathway to net-zero by 2050 must bring all low-carbon technologies online
International team wins €3.4M to advance ship-based carbon capture
An international project involving science and industry has been awarded €3.4 million
from an EU climate action fund to accelerate the uptake of ship-based carbon capture
TEN-T: multimodal transport of CO2 to storage key to decarbonisation
The current EC proposal misses a great opportunity by not including support for
multiple modalities transporting CO2 to permanent storage, says Bellona
OGE and TES combine to develop 1000km CO2 transport network
OGE and Tree Energy Solutions have entered a strategic partnership for a CO2
pipeline network in Germany linked to a green energy hub
Toward 2030: new pathways to CO2 capture
CARMOF, MEMBER and MOF4AIR are three European-funded projects geared to
demonstrate innovative CO2 capture technologies in real industrial conditions
TotalEnergies begins "3D" Carbon Capture Pilot
The "3D" industrial pilot to demonstrate an innovative process for capturing CO2 from
industrial activities is now running at ArcelorMittal's Dunkirk site
Projects and policy
CCS in the latest IPCC report “Mitigation of Climate Change”
In a Brief for the Global CCS Insitute, Noora Al Amer, Senior International Climate Policy
Advisor says the message of the report is clear: the time for action is now
UK “needs to plan post 2030” - CCSA
The UK needs to start thinking about the next set of carbon capture and storage
projects beyond 2030 because it takes so long to plan them, particularly storage sites
Report sets priorities for UK CCUS supply chain
Urgent action is needed to increase UK content in the emerging carbon capture sector,
according to a new report published by the Nuclear AMRC
Urgent scale up of negative emissions needed to meet Paris pledges
In its report, Delivering the ‘Net’ in Net Zero, the Coalition For Negative Emissions
calls for action to develop and scale a robust carbon removals market
CCS service spending to total more than $50 billion globally by 2025
Spending is set to quadruple from 2022 to 2025, with cumulative global expenditure
over the next three years topping $50 billion, according to Rystad Energy research
IEEFA: widespread adoption of CCUS in South East Asia unlikely
CCUS is increasingly attracting attention in South East Asia, however in the absence of
the right drivers, its prospect in the region remains questionable
Capture and utilisation
Treated plastic waste good at grabbing carbon dioxide
A Rice University lab has turned hard-to-process plastic into particles that act as an
effective carbon capture sorbent that can be used to remove CO2 from flue gas streams
New polymer membrane improves efficiency of CO2 capture
Researchers at NC State University have developed a new membrane technology that
allows for more efficient removal of carbon dioxide from mixed gases
Copper-silver-gold nanostructure gives carbon capture a boost
Chemists at Tsinghua University have developed a nano-scale structure that combines
copper, gold and silver to work as a superior catalyst
Transport and storage
Peel NRE reveals plans for CO2 network at Protos in Cheshire UK
Peel NRE has set out plans for a network of CO2 pipelines that could capture 800,000
tonnes of CO2 emissions each year for the HyNet North West partnership

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Issue 87 - May - June 2022

CCUS in EMEA: EU awards over €1bn .. Mix of all low carbon tech could save EU €80bn .. 1000km CO2 transport network in Germany .. TotalEnergies’ "3D" Carbon Capture Pilot begins Carbon removals needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C .. CCSA: UK nee.....