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Issue 89 - Sept - Oct 2022

(Sep 07 2022)

Net Zero Industry Tracker helps map path to industrial decarbonization
The World Economic Forum has released the first edition of a report on the state of the net-zero
transition in key industrial sectors.
Leaders - CCUS in Canada
Canadian CCS projects gaining momentum
In early spring of this year, the Canadian government gave CCUS development a
significant boost, putting an anticipated tax credit in writing in the 2022 federal budget
Canada CCUS policy roundup
Federal and provincial governments in Canada have implemented a suite of policies to
induce investment in CCUS technologies and projects. By Marla Orenstein and
Brendan Cooke, Canada West Foundation
Leading the world in post-combustion carbon capture
Entropy Inc. is a Calgary-based cleantech company that has developed a first-in-kind
modular carbon capture technology and the world’s first commercial CCS facility for
natural gas combustion
Projects and policy
Value through decarbonization: hydrogen’s role in achieving net-zero
Decarbonization of high-carbon intensive processes, industries, and fuels can create
added value streams with the right technology. By Christine Newell, Babcock & Wilcox
The pore rights challenge for CCS projects in the US
Unlike many European Union and other nations across the globe where the rights to
sequester CO2 are held by the government, in the United States those rights are
mostly privately held. By Dr. Paul Schubert. CEO, Strategic Biofuels
MechanicalTree design can reduce DAC cost
Arizona State University / Carbon Collect have developed a design for a direct air
capture system which they believe could capture CO2 at $100 / tonne. By Karl Jeffery
CO2 Emissions Reduction in Corporate Sustainability
The report from the Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion (CO2CC) Program
focuses on how companies are addressing their sustainability goals
CO2 liquefaction using ammonia absorption technology
Combining ammonia absorbtion technology with CCS processes can lead to energy
efficiency through process integration. By Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting
UK CCS could be worth £100 billion to local businesses says report
A UK Government report finds action is needed now to make sure net zero drive
benefits UK jobs and economy but the industry could be worth £100bn by 2050 
Vital but limited role for CCUS in UK Net Zero
A new report from the Energy Transitions Commission sets out the vital, albeit limited
role of Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage on the path to net-zero by 2050
Dutch industrial decarbonization policy effectively supports CCS
Replacing existing grey hydrogen production with low carbon or green hydrogen alone
could meet 60% of the Dutch industrial emissions target, but requires the
acceleration of policy support says a DNV report
Capture and utilisation
Using bacteria to convert sunlight, water and CO2 into high value chemicals
Northumbria researchers have developed a synthetic semiconductor device which means
that the conversion can take place without the use of electricity 
A simple, cheap material for carbon capture
Using an inexpensive polymer called melamine chemists at Berkeley have created a
cheap, easy and energy-efficient way to capture carbon dioxide
Computer simulations help carbon capture material research
National Institute of Standards and Technology scientists have set out to discover new
materials that can capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Transport and storage
Stanford develops 'lab on a chip' for CO2 storage analysis
A tiny new device allows scientists to directly observe and quantify how rocks change in
the presence of acids, enabling more accurate assessments of CO2 storage sites
Using the railway network to capture CO2 for under $50 / tonne
Researchers from the University of Sheffield are working with US-based CO2Rail to
design Direct Air Capture equipment which can be used within special rail cars


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