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Issue 91 - Jan - Feb 2023

(Jan 01 2023)

CCS works technologically, its problem is an economic one
We don’t need to choose between meeting our energy needs and limiting global warming. By implementing a Carbon Takeback Obligation, we can do both. By Hugh Helferty, Margriet Kuijper and Myles Allen, PACE
Leaders - CCUS in the United Kingdom
How UK CCS is developing - a report from the CCSA London Forum
We heard perspectives about UK CCS developments at the CCSA London forum,
including from Equinor, GE, SSE, MakeUK, BP, Teesside, HyNet, Acorn, Humber Zero,
Southampton. Will we have 2 clusters in operation by the ‘mid 2020s’? By Karl Jeffery
Capturing the carbon opportunity: a report from the CBI
The CBI was commissioned by Policy@Manchester to interview 18 organisations
across the CCS supply chain to uncover the unique barriers to CCS adoption
Report: A vision for hydrogen in the Tees Valley
The Tees Valley’s pioneering hydrogen sector is laying the foundation for the world’s
first net zero industrial cluster – a new paper sets out how the region will lead the UK in
its energy ambitions and support the development of CCUS
Keadby 3 Carbon Capture Power Station given consent
The landmark project for a CCGT power station in the Humber could become the UK’s
first equipped with carbon capture technology
CCU International to open first funding round for CO2 capture technology
Scottish Climate Tech spinout CCU International is seeking to commercialise its
patented technology which is suitable for emitters of all sizes
New carbon capture and storage projects funded
The UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) has announced the 13
proposals that have been awarded funding in their recent Flexible Funding 2022 call
Projects and policy
A Future for Direct Air Capture
Achieving consequential reductions in greenhouse gas emissions will take an all-ofthe-
above approach, including emerging technology such as direct ir capture.
By Prof Niall Mac Dowell, International CCS Knowledge Centre
Important scientific advances in CCUS over the past 3 years
The report from the Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion (CO2CC) Program gives
an update of the recent progress made in CCUS technologies
Open letter: NGOs call for an EU Carbon Capture and Storage strategy
10 leading NGOs have called on the EU, demonstrating a coalition of like-minded
European environmental groups which recognise the importance of CCS 
$3.7 billion in funding to develop U.S. CO2 removal hubs
Four bipartisan infrastructure law programs will aid the commercialization of
technologies to remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere
Capture and utilisation
Researchers use machine learning to forecast amine emissions
Researchers have developed a machine learning approach to accurately predict
potentially harmful amine emissions from carbon capture plants
KC8 to demonstrate cement carbon capture in Australia
Labelled the PACER project, Cement Australia will support KC8 Capture Technologies in
scaling up their technology
A net-negative system captures carbon and produces ethylene
Engineers at the University of Illinois Chicago have built an integrated machine that
captures carbon from flue gas and converts it to ethylene
Using CO2 emissions from industry to make climate-friendly plastics
A project coordinated by VTT examines the capture and utilisation of CO2 from the forest
industry and waste incineration in the manufacture of different types of plastic products
Transport and storage
CSIRO takes stock of technologies for Australian carbon storage
CSIRO has published an assessment of 12 carbon sequestration technologies and the
role they could play in helping Australia reach net zero emissions
Horisont Energi and E.ON building CO2 value chain in the North Sea
Horisont Energi and E.ON are intensifying their existing collaboration to jointly build a
European carbon value chain through the Errai project in Norway


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Issue 91 - Jan - Feb 2023

CCUS in the UK - CCU International: commercialising carbon capture technology .. CBI report: overcoming unique barriers to CCS adoption .. A vision for hydrogen in the Tees Valley .. CCSA London Forum: How CCS is developing in the UK NGOs call for a.....