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Issue 92 - Mar - Apr 2023

(Mar 01 2023)

Bellona: the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan - welcome but not enough
While the intentions behind the Communication are welcome, the announced measures mostly
summarise existing support mechanisms. More importantly, it doesn’t underline the critical
condition for receiving any additional support – significant emission reductions.
Leaders - CCUS in the United States
Report: Powering toward 100% clean power by 2035
A report finds ambitious carbon standards are critical for U.S. to achieve an 80% clean
grid by the end of this decade and keep Biden’s climate targets within reach 
The Texas Solution to Net-Zero
While the overall US clean energy transition has been analyzed, the state of Texas’s
specific energy transition has not been studied. By Cynthia L. Taylor, SMU
NETL partner demonstrates over 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 capture
Food processing company Archer Daniels Midland demonstrated an integrated system
of processing CO2 and transporting it from an ethanol plant to the Mt. Simon Sandstone
PNNL reveals 'cheapest' CO2 capture at $39 per metric ton
Researchers Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have created a new system that
efficiently captures CO2 - the least costly to date - and converts it into methanol
Can clay capture carbon dioxide?
A team at Sandia has been using computer models combined with laboratory
experiments to study how a kind of clay can soak up carbon dioxide and store it
Cheap method for pulling CO2 out of seawater offers new approach
Researchers at MIT have found a new method for removing carbon dioxide from the
ocean that could be far more efficient than existing systems for removing it from the air
Projects and policy
Recycling CO2 for oil recovery – an economic and climate conundrum
Balancing increasing demand for oil while lowering greenhouse gas emissions is the
greatest challenge facing the industry today. By Ole Gunnar Tveiten, AGR
Carbon Capture and Transportation with Cryogenic Technologies
Moving large amounts of CO2 cost effectively can be achieved through liquefaction of
the CO2. By Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting
Permanent sequestration of CO2 in industrial wastes
The report from the Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion (CO2CC) Program gives
an overview of the potential for capturing and converting CO2 into valuable products
Report: the State of Carbon Dioxide Removal
The report finds a gap between proposed CDR deployment and what will be needed to
meet the Paris temperature goal to limit warming to well below 2°C
CO2 Capture Project concludes and makes work open access
Increased CCS policy confidence and a growth in regulatory regimes for CO2 storage
worldwide are among the key findings of the final report
Capture and utilisation
World's first carbon capture pilot for smelters inaugurated at Elkem
The Mobile Test Unit, delivered by Aker Carbon Capture, is now connected to Elkem's
plant in Rana, Norway, which produces high-purity ferrosilicon and microsilica . . . .
Researchers unravel the complex reactions in zero carbon fuel synthesis
Researchers from Cambridge and Berkeley explore how the chemical industry, which is
the third largest subsector in terms of direct CO2 emissions, can recycle its own waste
Solar-powered system converts plastic and greenhouse gases into fuels
Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a system which can convert
two waste streams into two chemical products at the same time
Norway backing Removr’s efforts to industrialise Direct Air Capture
Removr, a Norwegian company that removes CO2 directly from the atmosphere, has
received NOK 36.3 million in governmental backing for an industrial-scale pilot
Transport and storage
Storing carbon dioxide underground low risk says study
A study by the Spanish National Research Council has shown that injecting billions of
tons of atmospheric CO2 underrground has a low risk of leakage back to the surface
NSTA sets up dedicated team to oversee the delivery of carbon storage
The North Sea Transition Authority has responded to the rapid growth of the UK's CCS
industry by setting up a dedicated carbon transportation and storage team

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