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Issue 94 - July - Aug 2023

(Jul 02 2023)

UK falling behind on Net Zero ambitions says climate change committee
In a crucial period for delivering progress, key departments did not deliver on recommendations made by the Committee last year and confidence in delivering Net Zero goals has fallen.
Leaders - CCUS in Australia
CO2CRC’s Otway International Test Centre fast-tracking DAC testing
The OITC, an advanced field scale CCUS research site located in Australia, is fasttracking
the testing, demonstration and scale-up of Direct Air Capture technology
Modular, low-cost hybrid carbon capture technology
CO2CRC and partners have developed a hybrid CO2 capture technology, HyCaps which
combines solvent absorption with membrane separation in a single process
Microbial renewable dimethyl ether as a renewable fuel alternative
An overview of microbial renewable dimethyl ether technology for 100% renewable DME
that can potentially replace liquid petroleum gas (LPG), methane and diesel
CSIRO report explores low-emission manufacturing in Northern Territory
A new report from CSIRO has explored the potential for carbon capture and utilisation to
support decarbonisation and economic growth in the Northern Territory
deepC Store submits its CO2 supply specification to Australian Government
It will assist a review of the national “Action List” for the assessment of CO2 streams for
sequestration as per the London Protocol
Projects and policy
CCS – the government perspective around Europe
We heard updates on government perspectives around Europe at the CCSA forum in
Brussels, including from the European Union, Norway, UK, Switzerland. The “Clean
Energy Ministerial” gave updates on Japan, Nigeria, Canada. By Karl jeffery 
Developments with projects and companies in Europe
Updates on Norway’s Northern Lights project including energy from waste emissions;
Porthos in the Netherlands; and perspectives from Heidelberg and Norske Hydro 
CO2 storage, transport, and public perception
A European Commission perspective, news on Equinor plans, transport costs, CO2
infrastructure and technical challenges with networks. By Karl Jeffery
Advanced Materials for CO2 Capture and Separation
The report from the Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion Program evaluates and
discusses developments related to the challenges and use of CO2 capture technologies
Achieving emissions reduction targets in the iron and steel industry
The EU-funded research and innovation project called C4U (Advanced Carbon Capture
for steel industries integrated in CCUS Clusters) tackles some of the key challenges 
How US carbon tax credits are accelerating global CCS commerciality
Are there sufficient policies and economic incentives in place to ensure the technology is
commercially competitive enough to unlock its full potential? Adam Green, Worley 
The need to measure carbon dioxide flows accurately for CCUS
The article examines some issues associated with the underpinning measurements of
CO2 that will be required to address IPCC requirements. By Dr. Edris Joonaki, TÜV SÜD
Carbon capture technology for buildings
Soletair Power has developed a unique solution for extracting CO2 from building
ventilation systems to help achieve carbon net zero and even carbon negative buildings
Capture and utilisation
Researchers develop a new method for the sustainable use of CO2
A new study from the Max Planck Institute demonstrates a process that can turn
carbon dioxide into a valuable material for the biochemical industry via formic acid
Surrey researchers unravel the workings of unique carbon capture tech
The UK can lead the way in technologies that effectively capture carbon dioxide and
convert them into useful products such as hydrogen
Compact Syngas Solutions wins £4M funding to test CO2 capture
Full-scale rollout could see 50 UK modules built to convert waste to liquid fuel while
capturing 29,000 tonnes of CO2 a year
Transport and storage
CCS Europe calls on EU leaders to back CO2 storage and transport
CCS Europe has sent a letter to all 27 EU leaders asking them to support the European
Commission’s proposal for a Net Zero Industry Act


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Issue 94 - July - Aug 2023

CCUS in Australia - Fast-tracking DAC testing at CO2CRC’s Otway Test Centre .. ‘Carpooling carbon’: Net Zero Zones to boost climate action .. Modular, low-cost hybrid capture technology Northern Lights Phase 1 "80% ready" - read our report from the .....