Government Announces Shortlist of CCUS Phase 2 Projects

(Aug 12 2022) The Carbon Capture and Storage Association has welcomed the announcement of shortlisted bidders in Phase 2 of the CCUS Cluster Sequencing Process.

Six HyNet projects receive Government approval

(Aug 12 2022) The news follows HyNet’s selection by Government, in October 2021, to fast-track the decarbonisation of the industrial cluster located across North West England and North Wales.

UK Government launches BECCS consultation

(Aug 11 2022) The UK government has launched a consultation on how to support the development of biomass energy generation with associated carbon capture.

Econic Technologies raises a further £10.4M

(Aug 09 2022) The funding will support Econic Technologies through the commercialisation of its catalyst and process technology, which enables CO2 to be used in the production of polymers.

Support for CCS is key to a greener, more reliable grid

(Aug 08 2022) Existing fossil-fuel capacity can play a significant role in reaching net-zero with both current and modified “Section 45Q" tax incentives for carbon capture and storage says a Carnegie Mellon study.

Compact Syngas Solutions wins UK Government funding

(Aug 07 2022) The company has secured £247K of funding to perfect carbon capture technology that will help lower the environmental impact of its waste-to-hydrogen plants.

Using bacteria to convert sunlight, water and CO2 into high value chemicals

(Aug 05 2022) Northumbria researchers have developed a synthetic semiconductor device which means that the conversion can take place without the assistance of organic additives, creation of toxins or use of electricity.

A simple, cheap material for carbon capture

(Aug 05 2022) Using an inexpensive polymer called melamine — the main component of Formica — chemists at Berkeley have created a cheap, easy and energy-efficient way to capture carbon dioxide.

Stanford develops 'lab on a chip' for CO2 storage analysis

(Aug 03 2022) A tiny new device allows scientists to directly observe and quantify how rocks change in the presence of acids, enabling more accurate assessments of sites for underground storage of carbon dioxide.

Report finds investment needed to mitigate CO2 at airports

(Aug 01 2022) Multi-million-pound investment is urgently needed in technologies including direct air capture (DAC) if the UK is to make ‘green’ airports a reality in the future, research by Cranfield University has revealed.

Wolf Carbon Solutions and Chart Industries collaborate

(Aug 01 2022) The companies have agreed to jointly develop CCUS projects along Wolf's Mt. Simon Hub carbon pipeline system.

ABB and Captimise collaborate to simplify and reduce cost of CCS

(Jul 29 2022) The companies will help industrial CO2 emitters find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to integrate CCS into their operations and eliminate the release of CO2.

INPEX and Northern Territory to establish CCS hub

(Jul 28 2022) A Commitment Statement has been signed between INPEX and the Northern Territory Government on Net Zero future goals.

Net Zero Industry Tracker helps map path to industrial decarbonization

(Jul 28 2022) The World Economic Forum has released the first edition of a report on the state of the net-zero transition in key industrial sectors.

UK CCS could be worth £100 billion to local businesses says report

(Jul 27 2022) UK Government report finds action needed now to make sure net zero drive benefits UK jobs and economy.


Issue 87 - May - June 2022

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