Solvang CCS project receives Norwegian Government funding

(Sep 29 2023) The project will now be able to transfer from onshore testing to full-scale shipboard installation on the ethylene carrier Clipper Eris.

DOE invests $35M in CO2 purchase pilot price competition

(Sep 29 2023) The funds will be available to advance technologies that reduce emissions from hard-to-abate sectors such as aviation and shipping by removing it directly from the atmosphere.

UK Sheffield researchers win Engineering Impact award

(Sep 28 2023) Capture technology developed by University of Sheffield researchers in collaboration with industry partner AESSEAL has been recognised with a prestigious award.

Compact Membrane Systems partners with OMV on pilot plant

(Sep 28 2023) The project will further demonstrate the effectiveness of CMS' technology in capturing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes in hard-to-abate industries.

Morecambe Net Zero Cluster explores CO2 storage for Peak Cluster

(Sep 28 2023) The MNZ Cluster will transform the depleted North and South Morecambe gas fields into a carbon storage facility with potential to store up to one gigatonne of CO2 in its lifetime.

Researchers develop carbon capturing nanozymes

(Sep 27 2023) Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) researchers have developed minimal nanozymes with the capacity of capturing carbon dioxide emitted in industrial processes.

UK CCS behind schedule and lacks clarity says report

(Sep 27 2023) A CCUS Delivery Plan update from the Carbon Capture and Storage Association says up to a third of projects considering move overseas to more supportive administrations.

NETL oversees work to protect caprock integrity at carbon storage sites

(Sep 27 2023) A groundbreaking experiment completed with NETL oversight is expected to generate important insights about the behaviour of faults and other seismic activity when CO2 is injected into geologic formations.

Honeywell collaborates with SK E&S on CCS deployment

(Sep 27 2023) The collaboration with SK E&S, an affiliate of Korean conglomerate SK Group, will see Honeywell carbon capture technology deployed in Korea and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Nottingham engineers to play part in ground-breaking carbon capture project

(Sep 27 2023) Researchers in the university’s Faculty of Engineering have a crucial role to play in a carbon capture project that’s just received a six-figure funding boost.

MOL, PETRONAS and MISC to develop CO2 carrier fleet

(Sep 26 2023) The companies will establish a joint venture to invest in the development and monetisation of Liquefied Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) carriers for CCS projects.

Copper-based catalysts efficiently turn carbon dioxide into methane

(Sep 26 2023) Rice University materials scientist Pulickel Ajayan and collaborators have developed a way to efficiently react CO2 with hydrogen forming methane.

IEA publishes first Net Zero Roadmap update

(Sep 26 2023) The report concludes that the necessary CCUS capacity to reach the NZE Scenario by 2030 is not out of reach but the industry now needs to prove it can deliver.

Milestone Carbon to develop CCS hub in Midland Basin

(Sep 26 2023) The site spans parts of both Midland and Upton counties in Texas and has the potential to support multiple wells that will enable the permanent geological storage of carbon dioxide.

Worely wins FEED services contract for services for Qatargas CCS project

(Sep 25 2023) Worley will develop the FEED study and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) scope of work for the project in Ras Laffan, Qatar.


Issue 94 - July - Aug 2023

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