$5 million ensures continuation of Otway Project

Sep 15 2014

The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) has welcomed the announcement by Victoria’s Ministry for Energy and Resources of an additional $5 million for research in CO2 storage at the Otway site.

CO2CRC CEO Dr Richard Aldous today said the announcement, which followed a highly instructive examination of the international progress of carbon capture and storage (CCS) at Australia’s biennial National CCS Conference last week, showed the Victorian Government recognises the important role the technology has to play in tackling climate change.
Dr Aldous said the CO2CRC Otway Project had clearly shown that CO2 storage was a safe credible long-term option for mitigating emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and contribute to further damaging climate change.
In fact, CCS is currently the only available method of making significant cuts to emissions from fossil fuel-powered energy generation and large industrial processes, such as refining oil or producing iron, steel, cement and ammonia.
“Otway offers one of the most comprehensive CO2 monitoring programs of its type in the world, providing technical information on geosequestration processes, technologies and monitoring, as well as verification schemes,” he said.
“Appropriate government policy, including funding initiatives and other enabling mechanisms, is fundamental to the successful development, demonstration and deployment of new technologies. “The Victorian Government’s additional funding means that new experiments will proceed at Otway.”
“The Victorian Government’s new funding confirms the next stage of the CO2CRC Otway Project research program will go ahead, and it secures the ongoing use of Victoria’s brown coal.”


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