Aker Carbon Capture awarded feasibility study by MAN Energy Solutions

Nov 15 2023

The study will investigate the full integration of Aker Carbon Capture's standardised and modularised Just Catch 100 unit into a full power-to-fuel solution.

"We are excited to be working with MAN Energy Solutions in the power-to-fuel area, supporting their objective to drive the transition towards a carbon-neutral world together with its partners. Our partnership builds on the ongoing delivery to Heidelberg Materials' Brevik CCS project," said Jon Christopher Knudsen, Chief Commercial Officer at Aker Carbon Capture. "We have recently strengthened our foothold in the CCUS market with a number of strategic pre-FEEDs and studies. The award of this feasibility study is further validation that the CCUS market is accelerating."

Aker Carbon Capture's Just Catch 100 unit captures approximately 12.5 tonnes per hour of CO2 from flue gases. This has proven to be applicable when working directly with power-to-fuel processes downstream of the capture plant. From there, it is typically combined with green hydrogen, produced through electrolysis using renewable electricity, to create sustainable e-methane or other e-fuels.

MAN Energy Solutions has a strong presence in the electrolyzer and the methanation process industry and is looking for a highly energy-efficient, integrated solution. In this study, the aim is to integrate a carbon capture unit into a full power-to-fuel solution. 

"CO2 is an important feedstock for e-fuels production and a steady supply is critical to make such climate-neutral fuels available in large quantities. Therefore, we are looking forward to collaborating with Aker Carbon Capture who have various references in the field of carbon capture," said Ulrich Vögtle, Head of Business Development and New Solutions at MAN Energy Solutions.

Adopting Aker Carbon Capture's standardised and modularised Just Catch 100 unit would contribute to decreasing costs and accelerating project implementation timelines. 

Today, methane originates mainly from fossil sources, and is used for heating, chemical processes or in industrial furnaces. To increase security of supply and achieve lower emissions, this project is investigating producing e-methane. The e-methane can be liquified to produce sustainable LNG, or it can be used in gaseous form as a replacement for traditional methane. 

At Twence's waste-to-energy facility in the Netherlands, Aker Carbon Capture is currently delivering a Just Catch 100 unit with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes CO2 per year. In May of this year, the company started the delivery of five Just Catch 100 units to Ørsted's bioenergy facilities in Denmark, with a design capture capacity of 500,000 tonnes CO2 per year. 

Aker Carbon Capture
MAN Energy Solutions

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