Aker Carbon Capture to explore CCS with BIR

Jul 07 2021

Waste management company BIR has signed an agreement with Aker Carbon Capture to explore possibilities for a future carbon capture plant at their waste to energy plant in Rådal outside Bergen on Norway's west coast.

BIR is one of Norway's largest waste management and recycling companies, handling waste from more than 365,000 people and businesses in seven local municipalities, which also own the company.

"BIR has carbon capture and storage (CCS) on the agenda and is exploring the possibilities," said Borghild Lekve, CEO of BOB. "The feasibility study will be conducted in 2021/22 and the goal is to gain increased insight into the potential, cost and the industrial conditions for carbon capture in Rådal."

Carbon capture and storage has gained momentum in Scandinavia over the past year, which has led to more projects progressing both on the capture and storage side. Best known is Longship, the Norwegian full-scale demonstration project, with its Northern Lights offshore storage facility and a land terminal at Øygarden outside Bergen. The Øygarden terminal, only 60 km from Rådal, and Northern Lights will have capacity to receive and store CO2 from several plants in Norway and Europe from its completion in 2024.

"As a technology supplier to the Norwegian full-scale demonstration project, we believe Aker Carbon Capture is a good partner for companies that want to accelerate their journey towards lower emissions," said Valborg Lundegaard, CEO of Aker Carbon Capture. "We are very impressed with BIR's long tradition as an innovator in the energy and recycling market and look forward to supporting them in this important journey." 

Aker Carbon Capture

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