Australia: public consultation opens for greenhouse gas storage

Sep 14 2021

Public consultation on five potential areas for the 2021 Offshore Greenhouse Gas Storage Acreage Release has opened for public comment.

Minister for Resources and Water Keith Pitt said the acreage release provides opportunities for companies to explore for sites which have the potential for permanent geological storage of CO2 in offshore Australia.  

“This acreage release comes at a time when the oil and gas industry is looking for pathways to reduce their carbon emissions,” Minister Pitt said. 

“Carbon capture and storage is a priority low-emission technology for reducing the emissions of Australia’s resources sector. 

“The 2021 Offshore Greenhouse Gas Storage Acreage Release will play an integral role in supporting Australia’s resources sector to maintain Australia’s position as an energy export leader, whilst supporting global emission reductions”.   
Minister Pitt said that consultation will inform a decision to release an area for bidding. Submissions will also assist potential explorers understand factors they may need to consider when applying for an area or when planning exploration activities.

“The government welcomes feedback from stakeholders on how they might be affected by exploration activities in an area. All interested parties are encouraged to provide comments and feedback on the nominated locations,” Minister Pitt said.

Submission can be made via the Consultation Hub until 12 October 2021.

Consultation Hub

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