Bechtel and Drax partner to explore global opportunities for new build BECCS

Jun 07 2021

The companies will seek to identify opportunities to construct new Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) power plants around the world.

The companies will work together to identify how the design of a new build BECCS plant can be optimised using the latest technology and best practice in engineering design.

Bechtel will focus its study on strategically important regions for new build BECCS plants, including North America and Western Europe, as well as reviewing how to optimise the design of a BECCS plant using state-of-the-art engineering to maximise efficiency, performance and cost.

Bechtel’s study for Drax will:

  • Establish an integrated design for new build BECCS power plants.
  • Assess viability of strategic locations for new build plants.
  • Provide strategic information to enable Drax to build the business case.

Scaling up BECCS sustainably over the coming decades will be critical to delivering the Paris Agreement climate targets and keeping the world on a pathway of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees.


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