Belltree adds CCS module to bMark software

Mar 13 2023

The module adds a data-driven Carbon Storage project benchmarking solution to assist in site selection for carbon storage projects.

Belltree will allow its customers to assess the potential of carbon storage sites in a step toward achieving global Net Zero targets.

Applying data derived insights, the bMark™ CCS module informs decision makers as to the risks, costs, and suitability of a subsurface reservoir for carbon storage. In doing so, it allows operators to identify low risk, high potential sites that can be proposed for development.

Rod Clark, MD and founder of Belltree, commented, “Belltree is committed to supporting sustainable development in the energy sector and is leading the way in CCS project benchmarking to meet the demands of the climate challenge.”

“Utilising advanced subsurface evaluation, Belltree’s new bMark™ CCS module accurately identifies the suitablility of potential carbon storage sites, calculates resources and estimates risk within the global context of lessons learned from the energy industry. In doing so, we seek to empower decision makers in the implementation of carbon storage projects and to help them to achieve their Net-Zero targets.”


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