BHP Billiton partners with SaskPower

Sep 13 2015

The companies have formed a partnership to accelerate the global development of CCS.

They will share access to the data, information and lessons learned from SaskPower’s Boundary Dam project. 

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the two companies, and subject to contractual terms, BHP Billiton would also contribute to the establishment of a global knowledge centre to help promote research and reduce the cost and risk associated with new CCS projects.

“To respond effectively to climate change, we must develop and deploy a wide range of low emissions technologies more quickly than the usual commercial timeframes. But progress remains too slow," said BHP Billiton Chief Commercial Officer, Dean Dalla Valle.

“The individual components of CCS (capture, transport and storage) have been successfully demonstrated for many years but Boundary Dam is the first power project to bring all these together. Much more investment and many more projects are needed to bring down the cost of technology and accelerate its deployment. By making relevant information from Boundary Dam more widely available, we hope our contribution has a multiplier effect and promotes CCS investment around the world.

“We continue to assess other investments to support the development of CCS and other low emissions technology as part of our commitment to take action on climate change."

BHP Billiton

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