Climeworks air capture plant achieves DNV validation

Jun 17 2021

Climeworks’ new large-scale direct air capture plant “Orca” has successfully achieved independent third-party validation from DNV.

Amidst raising climate concerns and the search for high-quality carbon dioxide removal options, robust validation and verification processes are critical.

Climeworks is pioneering the development of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) with direct air capture (DAC) and, for lack of a suitable readily available methodology, has developed the world’s first methodology focusing on DAC, in line with ISO 14064-2 and in close consultation with DNV, the global leader in quality and risk assurance.

This methodology, together with a specific project design documentation for Climeworks’ new large-scale direct air capture and storage plant “Orca” (currently under construction), has been established by Climeworks and received validation by DNV.

This represents the first third-party validation of a direct air capture project targeting permanent carbon dioxide removal according to ISO 14064-2, demonstrating Climeworks’ role to set high standards in the CDR and DAC market. The validation of project and methodology is the first step on the way to a full third-party certification.

“Orca” is the name of Climeworks’ new direct air capture and storage plant in Iceland. Orca will combine Climeworks’ direct air capture technology with rapid underground mineralization provided by its partner Carbfix. Orca, planned to be operational in 2021, will have a nominal capture capacity of 4000 tons of CO2 per year, which makes it the biggest climate-positive facility to date. 

Tor Jensen, Vice President and Head of Section for Environmental Risk Management, DNV, Energy Systems, said, "DNV believes in the need for verified carbon dioxide removal and is proud to be providing its validation expertise to climate pioneers like Climeworks to stay at the forefront of climate action.”

DNV was commissioned in 2020 by Climeworks to provide an independent third-party validation of the methodology of direct air capture as performed at its direct air capture plant “Orca”. The validation was performed in December 2020 on the basis of a detailed project design documentation and the methodology provided by Climeworks in line with ISO 14064-2. The review of the presented methodology, the project design documentation and the subsequent follow-up interviews have provided DNV with sufficient evidence to determine the fulfilment of the stated criteria.

Climeworks Orca

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