CMC report examines markets for made-in-Canada CCUS technologies

Mar 31 2021

CMC Research Institutes, in collaboration with Foresight, has developed an in-depth report examining key markets for Canadian carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies.

The intent of the study is to increase the competitiveness of Canada’s CCUS sector by supporting technology companies to research and plan for expansion into other markets.

The report provides actionable information to Canadian technology companies and identifies priority target countries, barriers to entry, and market intelligence. The result is a comprehensive package of information and resources for Canadian companies unsure of first steps when contemplating international growth.

"The Carbontech Innovation System in Canada" highlights areas of competitive advantage, and factors that could place Canada in a leadership role designing and supplying these technologies to global markets. Canada is home to one of every six tonnes of CO2 that have been captured and sequestered globally, making it a recognized authority in the development of carbon storage facilities and accompanying regulatory frameworks. This report highlights important lessons from these investments that can be applied to development of the carbontech sector.

The report also demonstrates empirically that Canada has strengths which position it to succeed in the carbontech sphere, including in Intellectual Property in specific carbon-to-value pathways and in formation of entrepreneurial technology ventures. Canada also has a well-educated workforce with strengths in engineering; public finance programs for early stage research and development; policy support; and leading research and scale-up facilities.

Given the lucrative carbontech markets at play, other countries are accelerating efforts to grow the sector. Canada risks falling behind unless it moves quickly to develop a comprehensive national strategy to guide government, industry, technology developers and the finance community as they are faced with decisions that will impact growth. This report can serve as a guide to focus resources on key areas to stimulate research, development and the commercialization of carbontech.

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CMC Research Institutes

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