CO2 Capsol expands its technology platform by including CO2 liquefaction

Mar 15 2023

CO2 Capsol has signed a rental and service contract with a major German energy company for the delivery of a liquefaction unit that can be used together with the CapsolGo® carbon capture demonstration unit.

The project will be part of the existing 12-month contract for delivery of two CapsolGo® demonstration campaigns to the client, executed at one Energy-from-Waste (EfW) and one biomass-fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. Simultaneously, CO2 Capsol also signed a contract to build and deliver the unit.

CapsolGo® enables an easy and affordable way for large-scale CO2-emitters to test and verify the effectiveness of CO2 Capsol’s Hot Potassium Carbonate (HPC) technology on the client´s specific flue gas and processes, helping to accelerate the decision processes towards full-scale carbon capture plants at their facilities.

“Commercial CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage) projects will almost always require either compressed or liquid CO2 for storage or use”, said Cato Christiansen, Chief Technology Officer of CO2 Capsol.

"The construction of a CapsolGo® liquefaction unit is in line with the overall company technology strategy which focuses, among other, on the development and integration of CO2 liquefaction concepts. This will enable emitters to receive optimized proposals, minimizing the electricity consumption of the overall system. It also ensures flexibility and efficiency to achieve CO2 output quality required in the CCUS value chain for safe transportation, usage and long-term storage. This step moves CO2 Capsol towards becoming a one stop shop for energy efficient and environmentally friendly capture and liquefaction process design."

In 2022, CO2 Capsol broadened its technology offering with the addition of CapsolGo® and CapsolGT®. The expansion into services and design for CO2 liquefaction is based on demand from the industry and adds another valuable component to CO2 Capsol’s technology platform.

The delivery of the unit to the client is expected in Q3 2023. The unit will provide revenue from Q3 2023 and is expected to make positive contributions to CO2 Capsol’s cashflow over the period of the first contract.

CO2 Capsol

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