CO2 Capture Project publishes results from its final phase

Jan 19 2023

Increased CCS policy confidence and a growth in regulatory regimes for CO2 storage worldwide are among the key findings of a new report published by CCP (CO2 Capture Project).

The CCP has published the results of its fourth and final phase of activity in a comprehensive volume entitled Volume 5: Carbon Dioxide Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations – Results from the CO2 Capture Project, CCS Technology Development and Demonstration Results (2015-2022).

The final phase of CCP aimed to build further depth into the understanding of CO2 capture solutions for oil and gas scenarios, with a natural gas production scenario added to the scope. The main storage focus was on leakage mitigation testing as well as completion of monitoring trials. Highlights included:

• Carried out pilot testing of novel solvents, adsorbents and membranes

• Completed techno-economic evaluation of range of novel technologies, including molten carbonate fuel cells, membranes, and high-pressure solvent absorption • Undertook natural gas landscape study of state-of-art technologies

• Partnered in a consortium that developed 3D printing of sorbent capture structures for pre- and post-combustion.

• Completed multi-faceted well sealing experiment at Mont Terri underground lab – with testing of four sealants - plus fluid transmission and fault slippage studies.

• Undertook repeat electromagnetic monitoring survey and borehole microgravity testing at Aquistore, with integration of data.

• Carried out storage studies, including: top seal enhancement/repair; plugged and abandoned well contingencies; EOR as de facto storage; and permeability modifier tests.

• Published a series of keynote CCP policy reports: Transitioning EOR to storage; Energy transition; Storage regulations.

CCP Chairman, Tony Espie, commented, “This fourth and final phase of the CO2 Capture Project saw a broad and varied programme of activity spanning capture, storage, policy and communications. Our thanks go to the dedicated teams from our member companies and all of the partners involved who made it happen."

“Like everyone, we were confronted with the challenges of COVID-19. This happened quite late on in our programme, and caused delays to the completion of several projects. However, everyone stayed committed throughout and we have been able to deliver a set of results and learnings that will help CCS development in the years to come.”

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CO2 Capture Project

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