CO2 Capture Project report looks at CO2-EOR transition to CO2 storage

Oct 01 2017

The CCP (CO2 Capture Project) report provides an in-depth review of the regulatory pathways for transitioning a pure CO2 EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) project into a CO2 storage operation in two key jurisdictions – Texas, USA, and Alberta, Canada.

A CCP overview study of the subject in 2016 identified that although there are no technological barriers to be overcome, there are a number of legal, regulatory and economic challenges across jurisdictions which must be addressed to allow EOR projects to serve as CCS projects.

Alberta and Texas were chosen for specific focus in this new report as they are particularly favourable locations for potential CCS projects, resulting from a history of CO2 injection for EOR and/or existing CCS infrastructure.

The new report – CCP4: Review of CO2 EOR Transitioning to CCS in Texas and Alberta – looks at each of the jurisdictions through two lenses – firstly, the existing regulatory pathway for CCS permitting without EOR; and then, what is needed for a CO2-EOR scheme to gain credit as CCS and where regulation may be a barrier to that transition. Each key project stage is covered, from planning and permitting, through to operation, decommissioning and closure. Case studies form each jurisdiction are also provided.

Arthur Lee, CCP Policy & Incentives Team Lead, commented, "This report takes the results from our work last year and moves them a stage further on, providing real detail in two key geographies. We find that, even in two relatively advanced EOR/CCS areas like Texas and Alberta, there are still gaps and uncertainties in the regulatory frameworks that need to be addressed for CO2 EOR projects to transition successfully to CCS."

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