CO2CRC spinoff seeks to commercialise CCS technology

Jun 25 2014

A group of CO2CRC researchers at the University of Melbourne have formed a company to further invest in and commercialise a range of Australian-developed carbon capture technologies.

UNO Technology Pty Ltd is developing four patented technologies which it believes can drive down the cost of carbon capture. 

“The company has seven international patents and others pending, including the flagship technology UNO MK 3, which uses a precipitating  potassium carbonate solvent to capture carbon dioxide from power station and industrial emissions,” said Barry Hooper, company director and former CO2CRC Chief Technologist.

The UNO research has been one part of CO2CRC’s extensive program of ongoing carbon capture and geological storage R&D.

“The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) has developed UNO over the last ten years,” said Dr Richard Aldous, CO2CRC Chief Executive.

“While we have taken the concept from laboratory trials to pilot scale and have been operating a one tonne per day carbon capture plant at a coal fired power station in the Latrobe Valley, our technology development strategy sees large scale demonstration and commercialisation happening outside CO2CRC.

“UNO Technology will continue to invest in UNO and, with development partners and investors, take the next steps in scaling it up.”

Uno Technology

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