Developing a conceptual CCS vision for Saskatchewan

Jun 26 2014

ICO2N has developed a CCS infrastructure vision for the province of Saskatchewan.

ICO2N launched the project in 2012, which incorporated expertise gathered from an initial workshop (Future of CCS Economic Development in Saskatchewan) held in Regina, Saskatchewan and presented conclusions in a workshop held in September of 2013.

The project was supported by IPAC CO2 and the Saskatchewan Government with assistance from the energy industry, and brought together resources from industry and government to use ICO2N’s modeling capacity.

Using the ICO2N model the project prepared forecasts for CO2 capture volumes which were identified by plant type and geographical locations and prepared forecasts for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) volumes and locations.  The project also assessed carbon capture opportunities and matched them with EOR demand for CO2 over time and established important inter-provincial linkages.  

Download the report (pdf)

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