Enercam to capture by-product gas in Saskatchewan

Jan 16 2022

Angkor Resources has signed agreements with a private energy-production company to fund facilities that incorporate reduced greenhouse gas emissions and implement a carbon/gas capture project in Evesham, Saskatchewan.

The Evesham Carbon Capture Energy Project captures by-product gas (methane, ethane, etc.) which otherwise vent to the atmosphere from production tanks on a series of wells. This project ties in each tank with approved high density piping conduit, collects the gas, removes any water, then cleans, compresses, and transports it to a sales facility for a clean, dry, natural gas. This particular project aligns Angkor's philosophy with industry leaders as they work in parallel to clean up orphaned projects and minimize their carbon footprints.

Mike Weeks, Exec. VP of Operations, commented, "I personally worked with the Evesham team on bringing this project forward. In my many years in the petroleum industry, I have overseen and managed many similar projects, and this one is very achievable, and of great environmental benefit. The operating team is extremely professional, competent and like-minded on environmental issues; it is a pleasure working with them."

Highlights of the transaction include:

  • The Evesham project will start with up to 500,000 cubic feet per day being captured and channeled to a facility to provide a clean energy source and will increase as more production wells and collection tanks are tied into the Evesham compressor station. The existing compressor and collection system has capacity for up to 3 million cubic feet per day.

  • Angkor/Enercam will contribute $300,000 in three tranches to facilitate and commission the project.

  • The Evesham project will provide Angkor/EnerCam with 80% of the revenue from netbacks from gas sales until payback of principal and then 40% of sale netbacks thereafter.

  • Angkor's subsidiary, EnerCam Exploration Ltd. (Canada), which is focused on effective environmentally friendly energy solutions, has raised funds through private lenders. Lenders shall receive a percentage of the revenue flowing to EnerCam during the twelve months of 2022, and thereafter Angkor shall purchase out the remaining principal of the loans. Lenders will earn a percentage of the residual revenue flowing to EnerCam after principal payout.

  • A highly experienced team in optimizing production and environmental protection is in place at site and manages all production reporting, operations, and oversight of the Project.

Weeks continues to explain, "As the contractors add more production wells to the Evesham project, each production tank receiving product from each well will have some level of gas. Rather than releasing methane, ethane and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, Angkor, through its energy-related subsidiary, EnerCam, will participate in the carbon/gas collection, compression, and dehydration of this captured gas and then share in the revenue from the sale of it. We all look for clean energy solutions; Canada will continue to need clean natural gas as an energy source, and we are happy to contribute to that goal."


Compressor Station site being commissioned is surrounded by multiple producing wells, each with environmental containment, production tanks, and underground infield pipelines to connect with the compressor station


Delayne Weeks, CEO added, "This is a great environmental step to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and participate in the conversion to cleaner energy sources. Angkor does its part towards mitigating climate change and reducing emissions and will continue to seek opportunities like this in the resource sector, both in Canada and in SE Asia.

The photo above illustrates a great example of professional facilities that are safe, efficient, and reduce emissions. This also provides Angkor with a source of recurring cashflow towards funding its operations as a 'resource optimizer' and aligns with our philosophy of People, Planet, Profit."

Angkor Resources

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