Gas Storage Denmark and Fidelis collaborate on CO2 storage

May 15 2023

GSD and Fidelis New Energy will work together on Fidelis' development, delivery, and operations of the Norne Carbon Storage Hub onshore Denmark.

GSD will bring expertise, knowledge, and experiences on underground storage in general, and specifically the on-going CO2 pilot project in Stenlille.

"We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Gas Storage Denmark, for their knowledge and experience will assist us in supporting the development of the Norne Carbon Storage Hub," said Ulrik Weuder of Fidelis New Energy Europe. "GSD brings decades of operations and ownership of subsurface storage facilities in Denmark, bringing invaluable expertise to our partnership," says Bengt Jarlsjo, Co-Founder, President, and Chief Operating Officer of Fidelis New Energy. He added, "GSD, Ross Energy, and Fidelis' combined Danish subsurface knowledge, well management, and onshore CO2 storage experience for the Norne Carbon Storage Hub brings cost-effective and permanent abatement of CO2 emissions at a cost that keeps Denmark globally competitive."

The Danish State is finalising the regulations for onshore carbon capture and storage. GSD and Fidelis are collaborating with the local Danish stakeholders to bring safe and economically attractive decarbonisation solutions aimed to accelerate decarbonisation of Denmark and the EU.

Fidelis is developing the Norne Carbon Storage Hub, an onshore CO2 storage network in Denmark using the country's attractive subsurface characteristics for national and international CO2 storage. This network will provide CO2 emitting companies the opportunity to access cost-effective and safe decarbonisation options and will help Denmark and other countries achieve ambitious 2030 and 2050 climate goals.

The project plans to begin injecting CO2 into onshore storage structures by 2026 and targets the injection of 20 million tonnes per year or more by 2030. The Norne Carbon Storage Hub will be capable of receiving CO2 from local CO2 sources via pipeline and international CO2 sources via shipborne transport at multiple receiving facilities.

GSD has been managing storage in the Danish underground safely and effectively for decades and is currently establishing a pilot for the first onshore CO2 storage facility in Denmark, and this collaboration is a way of ensuring that knowledge, experience and competences from the pilot is used to accelerate the Danish CCS ambition.

"GSD is currently establishing a pilot for the first onshore CO2 storage facility in Denmark," said Adam Elbæk, CEO of GSD, "and this collaboration is a great example of how we can ensure that knowledge, experience and competences from the pilot are used to accelerate the Danish CCS ambition."

Fidelis New Energy

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