Heirloom opens first commercial U.S. DAC, signs $26.6M offtake agreement with Frontier buyers

Nov 16 2023

One week on from opening America’s first commercial DAC facility the company has reached an agreement to permanently remove 26,900 tons of CO2 by 2030.

The agreement on behalf of Frontier buyers, including Stripe, Meta, Shopify, JPMorgan, Mckinsey, Workday, H&M and Autodesk, also contains options to purchase more tons from future projects at lower prices. It covers the cost of CO2 removal as well as the measurement, reporting, and verification processes to ensure each ton is securely stored and accounted for accurately. 

According to Frontier, what makes Heirloom most compelling is that its path to low-cost DAC doesn’t depend on breakthroughs in sorbent innovation but rather operational excellence and economies of scale. This strategy has enabled it to significantly reduce costs by over 50% since Frontier’s first Heirloom purchase in May, 2021.

CEO, Shashank Samala, said, “On the heels of opening America’s first and only commercial Direct Air Capture facility, our team at Heirloom is thrilled to reach an agreement with Frontier to remove CO2 at our next facility. By harnessing the natural properties of an earth-abundant mineral, limestone, Heirloom has moved quickly from lab to commercial scale and halved the costs of our removals in just over two years. Our path to high-scale and low-cost direct air capture is clear, and buyers like Frontier are helping us pave the way."


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