Humber Industrial Cluster Plan launched

Mar 13 2023

The Humber Industrial Cluster Plan was first proposed in 2019 with the aim to drive sustainable growth and reduce carbon emissions in the Humber region, which is the largest industrial emitting cluster in the UK.

After 24 months of detailed analysis, modelling and interviews, the plan has been launched by a consortium of companies and organisations, including the Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, CATCH, Drax Group, Equinor, National Grid Ventures, Centrica Storage, British Steel, VPI, SSE Thermal and Phillips 66.

The plan highlights several key decarbonisation projects, featuring the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, the creation of a hydrogen production and distribution network, and the development of new low-carbon fuels such as biofuels.

The Humber Industrial Cluster Plan serves as a substantiated model for other industrial regions around the world, demonstrating how industries can work together to reduce their carbon emissions and contribute to achieving net zero by 2030.

The Humber region is a key hub for industrial activity in the UK and recognises the urgent need to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.  The region, which is home to the UK's largest ports complex and a significant number of energy-intensive industries, has been identified as a key area for the development of a low-carbon economy. 

Olivia Powis, Head of UK Office at the CCSA, said, “We are delighted to welcome the publication of the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan, which sets out the forward pathway for decarbonising the Humber region. The plan clearly places carbon capture and storage and hydrogen at the heart of efforts to reach net zero by creating a “CCS Super Hub” which will enable critical emissions reductions for industries such as iron and cement, as well as removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through Bioenergy with CCS (BECCS).

"The UK is home to a large number of similar CCS cluster proposals, and it is critical that we see progress this year on the regulatory and funding framework that will enable all of these projects to move forward.”

Humber Industrial Cluster Plan

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