Leading oil & gas investment firm embraces CCS

May 03 2021

JOG Capital, a private equity firm with a 14-year track record managing more than $1.3 billion in energy investments will rebrand as Carbon Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

CIP is among the first investment firms focused on solving the dual challenge of how to meet global energy demand for 7.7 billion people while rapidly reducing carbon emissions. CIP believes the solutions to these challenges lie in understanding and investing in the entire carbon lifecycle; from hydrocarbon-based energy production through to carbon capture, utilization, and storage back into the subsurface.  

The business and investment opportunity for CCS arises from this technology that returns carbon to the ground and is experiencing regulatory tailwinds and bi-partisan support both in the U.S. and Canada. This represents a paradigm shift, as the U.S. government subsidizes the capture and storage of carbon to incentivize and encourage net zero commitments -- which we believe represents version 2.0 of viable, actionable, and tax-advantaged climate solutions.

Furthermore, we believe rapidly growing demand for high-quality voluntary carbon offset credits, combined with significant additional policy incentives, activates business models for carbon removal assets to directly remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

 “As established oil and gas investment professionals, we understand the full lifecycle of carbon and we seek to be market leaders on climate-driven carbon management to meet global energy demands while rapidly reducing carbon emissions,” said Craig Golinowski, President and Managing Partner of CIP. 

“We recognize the tremendous efforts and advancements being made by the wind, solar, and electric vehicle industries and are proud that CCS will further enable deep electrification of the economy. By combining our oil and gas technical skills with strong policy incentives for CCS, verified carbon accounting, and market demand for net-zero solutions, we seek investments that address the underweight energy and real assets issue currently faced by institutional investors.”

Seizing on this opportunity and answering the call for clean, firm energy alternatives, JOG Capital’s team of oil and gas investment veterans, together with its advisors, are working to unlock capital and sequester carbon. CIP believes its differentiation and value-add lies in its extensive network and the niche skillset required to fundamentally transform the world’s carbon-based energy system -- which dovetails closely with their experience and expertise as veteran oil and gas industry professionals.

Furthermore, members of the CIP team have knowledge and insight through ownership and board of director’s representation in the Weyburn carbon capture and storage project in Saskatchewan, Canada, providing the firm with demonstrable insight into the challenges and opportunities in owning and operating CCS assets.

Carbon Infrastructure Partners

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