Navigator looking to expand Midwest carbon capture pipeline

Jun 04 2021

Navigator is actively looking to expand the capacity of the pipeline and proceed with multiple sequestration sites, creating an injection capacity of up to 12 million metric tonnes per year.

Navigator CO2 Ventures has concluded the non-binding open season of its carbon capture pipeline system. The proposed CCS project seeks to provide biorefineries and other industrial participants a long-term, economic path to materially reduce their carbon footprint by capturing and transporting CO2 through 1,200 miles of pipeline across five Midwest states to a permanent sequestration site.

Based on extensive feedback from potential customers representing diverse emissions sources, and in an effort to provide a holistic solution for multiple industries, Navigator is actively looking to expand the capacity of the pipeline.

Navigator previously announced its partnership with BlackRock Global Energy & Power Infrastructure Fund to develop the CCS in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Illinois; Valero Energy Corporation is the anchor customer. The proposed system plans to transport liquefied carbon dioxide through the pipeline to a sequestration site.

At full capacity, the CCS will have the ability to capture and store enough CO2 to be the equivalent of removing approximately 2.6 million cars from the road per year or planting 550 million trees per year or eliminating carbon footprint of Kansas City 1.5 times over. 


Navigator CO2 Ventures

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