NETL infographic highlights advanced manufacturing

Feb 27 2020

NETL has released an informative carbon capture infographic that highlights the role of advanced manufacturing in driving down capture costs and how it can improve process performance.

Additive manufacturing, using 3D printing, enables the development of components for carbon capture equipment that intensify heat and mass transfer, improve process performance and reduce overall equipment size, lowering capital and operating costs.

The Lab manages a vast portfolio of carbon capture research and development projects that are successfully reducing costs to ensure the availability of clean, reliable and affordable energy from America’s abundant domestic resources. In support of these projects, the Lab has published a series of infographics that explains the structure of the Carbon Capture Program, illustrates its impact and highlights the achievements of notable projects.

This most recent graphic outlines three projects that are using 3D printing to produce rapid protypes with the potential to capture CO2 more efficiently and economically.

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