Northern Lights and Borg CO2 collaborate on CCS solutions

Apr 17 2021

They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore the feasibility of CO2 capture, transport and storage solutions for industrial partners in the Fredrikstad region.

Borg CO2 is a joint project between 18 industry partners and the port of Borg, which will serve as host for a future CO2 loading terminal. The plan is to transport captured CO2 to this terminal, where it will be loaded onboard a Northern Lights operated ship for transport to the intermediate storage terminal at Øygarden on the Norwegian west coast. From Øygarden the CO2 will be injected into a 100 km long pipeline and injected into permanent storage in a reservoir 2.6 km below the seabed.

Borg CO2 is developing a carbon capture and storage (CCS) solution for emissions from industrial facilities in Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg and Halden. The industrial cluster employs 1,400 people and is responsible for emissions of almost 700,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. The aim is to capture and store up to 90% of the total emissions, or around 630,000 tonnes a year.

Northern Lights delivers CO2 transport and storage as a service and aims to enable the decarbonisation of industrial emissions and to facilitate the removal of CO2 from the air. The company is a joint venture between partners Equinor, Shell and Total.

“This collaboration with Northern Lights is important for the development of carbon capture and storage solutions in the region. Without the pioneering work done by Northern Lights to create an open source third party storage facility, carbon capture would not be possible in our region”, said Tore Lundestad, managing director of Borg CO2 and Harbour Master for the port of Borg.

“We are very pleased about this collaboration. CO2 management is important to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Low carbon industrial production will be a competitive advantage in Europe. Northern Lights offers the opportunity to store CO2 safely and permanently deep under the seabed in Norway and if the project is realised it will be an important contribution to protecting and creating new climate neutral jobs in the region”, said Børre Jacobsen, managing director of Northern Lights.

Borg CO2 is currently completing a feasibility study involving 18 industrial partners, representing process industry, waste management, logistics, energy, technology providers and academia. It is supported by CLIMIT, a national programme for research, development and testing of CCS technologies.


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