Secretary of State highlights importance of CCUS at CCUS 2021

Oct 13 2021

Speaking at the CCUS 2021 annual conference, UK Secretary of State Kwasi Kwarteng gave a keynote speech emphasising the vital role that CCUS will play in delivering the UK’s net zero target.

The CCUS industry is just days away from the Government announcing which clusters will be the first to move towards deployment in the UK. CCUS is essential if we are to decarbonise our industries, achieve net zero and deliver jobs and economic growth in our industrial heartlands – making a significant contribution to levelling up. The UK has the skills, assets and opportunity to lead the world in the CCUS space. 

“Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage will be an essential part of our toolkit as we seek to attract new private capital into the UK to decarbonise our economy," said Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

“It was fantastic to speak at the Carbon Capture Storage Association conference to highlight the opportunity available to the UK to gain a competitive advantage in developing home-grown, green technologies, such as CCUS, as we look to build back better for a cleaner future.”

Olivia Powis, Head of UK Office at the CCSA, said, “This year’s CCSA conference brings together the industry just before the Government announce the UK’s first successful CCUS projects that will start capturing and storing carbon dioxide in the mid 2020s."

"We are delighted that the Secretary of State continues his strong support for CCUS in what is undoubtedly the most exciting period for this crucial technology, as the industry comes to fruition”.

During day 1 of the CCUS 2021 conference, the CCSA also launched a new CCUS animation, to increase public awareness and understanding and highlight the value of CCUS in delivering net zero across the economy.

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