Start up and shut down times of power CCUS

Aug 19 2020

An investigation into start up and shut down times of gas-fired power carbon capture, usage and storage (power CCUS) facilities has been published by the UK Government.

The technical report is based on a literature review and desk-based engineering study, investigates the start up and shut down times of a standard configuration gas-fired post combustion carbon capture, usage and storage plant facility (power CCUS). It also identifies potential improvements to the standard configuration.

AECOM carried out the report on behalf of BEIS.

The study found that all the improvement options considered effectively decoupled the power plant from the PCC plant and allowed the whole complex to maintain 95% capture through start-up and shut-down events, with the exception of segregated amine inventory alone (87% overall start-up capture).

There were no incremental impacts expected on the overall process during normal operation and no strong reasons to prefer one option over another. The estimated costs to implement any of the flexibility improvement options identified were within the same order of magnitude. Therefore, the configuration of process options woud likely be site- and project-specific rather than converging on any single approach and indeed most likely to tend towards a combination of options.

For example, a fast-starting steam cycle (which would likely be an advantage in the current market even without PCC) would be complemented by segregated amine inventory and some additional dedicated start-up storage if found necessary during engineering work. This option would likely give a PCC power plant ready to respond quickly to grid demand, starting quickly and maintaining high capture rates through the start-up, operating phase and shut-down phases.

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