Växjö's carbon dioxide will be collected after new investment

May 09 2021

Växjö Energi has received a grant from the Swedish Energy Agency for its project of collecting the carbon dioxide it emits into the air.

The grant from the Swedish Energy Agency covers half of the costs during start-up. Then additional money will be required for the facility to become a reality. In total, the investment is estimated at SEK 1 billion.

"It is gratifying that the Swedish Energy Agency sees the potential for carbon dioxide capture here in Växjö. The grant means that we can continue to work with planning to be well prepared when we will be able to invest in this important climate measure within just a few years," says Erik Tellgren, CEO of Växjö Energi.

In five years, the heating plant in Växjö will start collecting the carbon dioxide that is released into the air. The carbon dioxide will be pumped down through boreholes deep in the bedrock below the North Sea. All in all, the plan is for Växjö's energy company VEAB to collect more carbon dioxide than they emit.

The company has applied for money for the preparatory phase of the project in order to be able to plan for the construction of a separation plant and transport from Sandviksverket to final disposal. According to Växjö Energi's calculations, there is potential to capture approximately 180,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year from biofuels that are already climate neutral. By doing so, you will achieve what is called negative emissions, ie that more carbon dioxide is absorbed than what is emitted.

Växjö Energi

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